Break Fund Cost 什么意思

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Break Fund Cost 什么意思
Break Fund Cost 什么意思啊,求助各位大侠。这是大华银行(UOB)证费项目之一,不明白这是怎样一个费用。

网友回答:For Fixed Rate Homeloans: The fixed rate on a mortgage will be the fixed rate ailable on the day the loan cheque issues. Redemption, in whole or part, of thefixed rate homeloan may give rise to a break funding fee charge calculated as follows: (Mortgage Balance) X (Break Funding Cost) X (Number of months to endof fixed rate term ÷ 12). The break fund cost = (original fixed rate) less (current fixed rate on offer for the term equating to remaining term).Current 5 year fixed from IIB is